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January 3rd, 2013 by

Gathering CloudsRecently I spoke with the Logicworks blog team, Gathering Clouds.  We discussed a variety of topics ranging from enterprise adoption of cloud, to how cloud is integrating with Europe, to what’s missing in the cloud space, and more.

Gathering Clouds asked me what chief concerns still exist for enterprises looking at cloud computing.  The main concern I’m seeing is security, although it’s not a hindrance for adoption.  I think every service provider has to have an answer for it and I think enterprises are willing to accept those answers; they just want to know that there’s been some thought around it.  Enterprises are not going to be held back because of security concerns because the right security people do exist out there.

We also discussed what characterizes the difference between the Europe and the US cloud markets.  To me, the first big difference is the impact all the various countries in Europe have on regulation.  Germany has very stringent rules on data, and yet some major companies completely ignore those laws, moving data across borders at will. This issue, for example, leads to another major difference in the European Union compared to the US market. US polices are much more stringently enforced and people play by the rules a lot more.

As far as how I see cloud changing in the future, in five or ten years’ time we will be discussing cloud at a data layer and an application layer, at a mobile device layer, rather than at the infrastructure layer.  To that end, when one considers “What is missing in the cloud industry?” I think, even though as many people talk about automation and convergence, there’s a long way to go in terms of optimizing the level of efficiency and correlation in decision-making between the Network Operations Center (NOC), the Security Operations Center (SOC), the systems people, the facilities people, the networking people and so on.

Read the full interview on the Gathering Clouds blog:

Part 1
Part 2

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