Crossing the APM to Infrastructure Chasm

April 30th, 2013 by

New RelicFor years, IT administrators, operators, and developers have been plagued with the age old dilemma: why is my application running poorly?  Many enterprise technologies exist today that help organizations solve that very question.  Now fast forward to the new cloud era where your application is being hosted or served from the cloud.  These private, public, or hybrid clouds offer über flexibility with the benefits of on-demand elasticity and scale.  However, to make DevOps a reality, software engineers and consumers of Infrastructure-as-a-Service require new levels of visibility into both application and the infrastructure performance to make quick decisions for app development or cloud services consumption.

For cloud service providers, the demand to cross the Application Performance Management (APM) to Infrastructure performance chasm presents an opportunity for differentiation and new value-add services.  ScienceLogic is pleased to announce today a strategic partnership and integration with New Relic’s industry leading SaaS based APM service.  By partnering with New Relic, we can now bring to market a new set of tools that empower cloud providers to connect rich end user application health and performance from New Relic with very granular compute, hypervisor, storage, and networking operational data from the ScienceLogic SmartIT platform.

By working closely with their Connect partner program team, ScienceLogic was able to instrument against New Relic’s RESTful API which produces a wide range of application metrics including Application response time, web transaction time, memcache time, DB activity, and Server performance.  The integration auto-discovers different applications and servers being monitored within New Relic which can be aligned to an organization for multi-tenant data and event segmentation.  Once discovered as an EM7 device, you can create very compelling HTML5 operational dashboards that blend New Relic APM data with any underlying infrastructure data sets such as individual hypervisor hosts, load balancers, storage LUN’s/Volumes, or network segments.

Armed with this new set of performance data across the entire application stack, creative Service Providers can now build compelling offerings to both their internal admins or end user customers with out-of-the-box solutions from New Relic and ScienceLogic. We’re excited to launch this partnership and help provide relevant data to those making critical decisions either inside the application itself or on the cloud resources they consume.

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  • 1. Susan Bilder  |  May 8th, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    One of the pros of storing data in the cloud is that it should always be accessible. Users have expectations that need to be met. Cloud applications need to be monitored so that if an issue is detected it can be fixed immediately.


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