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May 1st, 2013 by

This is a guest blog post written by Shantu Roy, Senior Product Manager at Tier 3.

Tier 3For IT departments, monitoring cloud applications is increasingly important.  To this end, IT pros usually find themselves wrestling with two issues:

  • How do I choose vendors that will give me real-time insight into exceptions and how can I fix them?  I need more than just an email telling me something is about to fail.
  • How do I do integrate this tool into my cloud deployments?

At Tier 3, we provide enterprise-class, public cloud infrastructure, along with state-of-the-art tools to help manage large deployments.  So we hear these two questions from our customers regularly, and set out to help solve these issues.

After speaking to ScienceLogic and New Relic a few months ago, we got excited about the possibilities.

Both solutions are highly innovative, and offer timely, actionable insight into cloud applications and the cloud infrastructure itself.  That solves the first issue noted above.

Quick side note: Tier 3 provides cloud infrastructure as a service in nine data centers, across four countries.  As such, we were keenly interested in using the joint offering from ScienceLogic and New Relic to monitor our own systems.  If the solution can monitor our platform, it will work well for our enterprise customers.

We then focused on a way to reduce cost and complexity for our customers.  How could we offer both products in a simple, unified experience?  It just wasn’t acceptable to ask our customers to weave these tools into their current cloud management tools on their own.  This “do it yourself” approach to value-added features just isn’t part of Tier 3’s brand.

As it turns out, this partnership was the perfect fit on the user experience front as well.  Thanks to the magic of web services, multi-tenancy, and some development effort, a seamless integration of these products in Tier 3’s cloud management platform is close to reality.

We are now in the late-stages of testing the joint solution, and plan to offer these services as a native part of our platform.  In very short order, customers can simply point-and-click to enable these applications.  Best of all?  Customers can ratchet the monitoring features up or down based on their business needs.

These capabilities will help our customers keep their public cloud deployments running smoothly in the present.  Plus, our products have been elegantly integrated to easily extend into the eventual steady-state of hybrid cloud.  This type of future-proof planning is a big win for the enterprise, and a big reason why we are excited about this partnership.

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