Enterprise Connect 2011 – The Rise of Video

March 1st, 2011 by

I’m here in Orlando attending the leading enterprise Unified Communications and Collaboration event in the world. This is not my first time here so it’s always interesting to see what’s changed in the area of converged communications and what is piquing the interest of the enterprise consumer. In years past, there was a big focus to move off of talking IP Telephony and VoIP and talk more about the concept of Unified Communications (UC). UC, as a term, has numerous meanings and suffered from different vendors interpretations thus confusing many. The good news is the term UC is now commonly referred to as a combination of technologies that have common elements (realtime in nature, converged or shared infrastructure, interconnected, etc) and include IP PBX and Telephony, Unified Messaging, Presence, Mobility, Audio conferencing, and IM.

What’s new to UC and to this year’s event is the acceptance of Video and Collaboration technology as mainstream in the enterprise. For those that have been using video for years this is not a surprise but to many of us who see video emerging from the consumer market as a preferred interaction between friends and family (i.e. Skype and video enabled IM) it makes perfect sense. Video enables collaboration between teams, eliminate geographies and connects remote workers with each other in a rich experience, and adds another dimension to communication by reading body signals during a conversation. Video conferencing solutions have been around for years but what’s different is that their value is hitting a sweet spot with today’s rapid, realtime, and demanding market. We have a need to build faster and better products within a global distributed community of talent pools. Add the recent economic downturn with reduced travel budgets, weather problems, and global issues like volcanos and unrest in certain regions and you can see why video is taking off. I would add that innovation in smart phones, rich media tablets and HD web cams has also driven mass interest around video communications not to mention a lot of marketing from top vendors.

So what does that mean to ScienceLogic? Well, what I’m hearing at Enterprise Connect is that a positive user experience drives video collaboration adoption. Quality, availability and usability are all key factors to a positive video experience. Understanding how all the different piece parts that make up a video conference work together will ensure proper service delivery. Our EM7 platform is designed to monitor and report on technologies like video collaboration. We have a heterogeneous approach to adding valued content to our product and can see how this year will be a great opportunity to support this growing demand.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about UC and the Cloud.

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