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June 23rd, 2009 by

stormThe Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Management Summit 2009 kicked off with a bang this morning, literally. Around 5am this morning, we were all woken up by a violent thunderstorm that lit the sky for miles around. Better than a wake-up call. (Side note:  I almost fell out of the very  odd “princess and the pea” setup I have for a bed; the beds here are so high that they offered me a footstool to get in it.)

So the conference itself started off with Dave Cappuccio talking about the Top 10 Technologies that we should all be watching:

1) Virtualization

2) Data Deluge

3) Energy & Green IT

4) Consumerization & Social Networks

5) Unified Communications

6) Complex Resource Tracking

7) Mobile & Wireless

‘8) System Density

9) Mashups & Portals

10) Cloud Computing

1) Virtualization:
This is not a technology issue but an energy issue: on the typical x86 server, 65% of it is doing nothing (draws power but with low utilization). Compare this to mainframes which on average are runnning at 85-90% utilization; mainframes are expensive and there’s a lot more cost justification that has to happen.  x86 seems “cheap” in comparison to a mainframe, but what about power costs?

2) Data Deluge
650% growth in 5 years; 80% will be unstructured! Growth is not the problem – unstructured is the issue. More data will be generated this year than in the previous 5000 years (Over 40 exabytes). Key new storage technologies in the pipeline:

  • Thin provisioning (IT conditioned to over-allocate – utilization was not the issue, now it is)
  • Data deduplication
  • Automated tiering
  • HSM (hierarchical storage management) principles
  • Virtual tape

3) Energy & Green IT

“Green is money.” Need the monitoring capabilities to understand energy draw in data center – now and how this hopefully is improving over time: New KPIs based on efficiency. Push to virtualize; need to monitor at the granular level. DCP (data center performance index) = Useful work/Total Facility Power

All those 15K rpm drives are sucking down gobs of electricity for each drive so we have to maximize their utilization… Watch-out: EU and EPA metrics are coming!

4) Consumerization and Social Software
Twitter was the fastest-growing social network in 2008 growing 1,382%.  62% of new users are between 39 and 51. That’s data about your company that’s going on that you may not know about.

Not a problem but an opportunity. Consumerization is an attitude not just the use of tech. Generational – need to participate, contribute and be part of a community. Technology examples: Wireless, smartphones, instant and text messaging, social networks

5) Unified Communications
# of text messages sent in the last 24 hours exceeded the total population of the planet (>6,700,000,000)
UC is: tightly integrated communications applications – email, wireless, voip, mobility, pbx, presence, im, text/sms, etc. The unified communications “dream” would be everything tied together instead of traditional vertical (IT) entities. Critical time frame – not for a couple of years, 2011-13

6) Complex Resource tracking
Back to energy – New KPIs based on power. Vendors good at monitoring performance of systems – but IT is not the base infrastructure.  IT depends on physical facilities/infrastructure, which is what also needs to be monitored – from energy to airflow to temperature. The EPA is going to come out with a Data Center efficiency rating.  The goal is to get to a single view across all infrastructure, down to the facilities level, something that no single product currently addresses.

7) Mobile & Wireless
Thousands of new apps coming online.

  • Mobile apps need new servers for delivery
  • App delivery complexity
  • Immature management tools
  • Next target for virtualization

‘8) System Density
At current pricing, opex (energy costs for one) to support a single x86 server exceeds cost of that server within 3 years.

$105,000 energy cost per year (single rack of servers)

Last year, Gartner customers were talking about building new data centers. This year – plans put on hold. Gartner sees companies striving to get to the best density and utilization levels – “scaling up” instead of “scaling out”.

9) Mashups and Enterprise Portals
Real business usage instead of stuck in the corner

10) Cloud Computing
Definition (after much internal Gartner debate):

a style of computing in which scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service to customers using Internet technologies

(Side Note: Cappuccio says “elastic” is the key here. Love this – as a SalesForce customer who feels we’ve been gouged by these guys for years. Over long term, SalesForce is too expensive. They need to change how they price – the pressures on them to adjust their pricing – after all they are the cloud company. Think I can get a better rate for SalesForce if I tell them they’re not elastic enough to be considered “cloud computing”? Yeah, me too. )


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