Getting the Right Event to the Right Person

June 12th, 2013 by

It’s Friday night.  You’re at a friend’s place enjoying the evening’s activities when you get an SMS alert from work.  You’re thinking, “I’m not on-call tonight for data center issues?  The on-call tech should be on this anyway.”  Next thing you know, the phone rings and this time it’s an automated pre-recorded message indicating that your attention is required to address a critical service issue.  You step aside from all the fun and login to your notification service portal and check the issue.  The normal on-call engineer was unresponsive and you’re next in line in the notification workflow; one step from the Operations Director (your boss).

There is a critical incident reported by the ScienceLogic network management system that is being handled by your PagerDuty service.  First, you acknowledge the incident so your boss doesn’t get the next call out.  Next, you click on the embedded link in the PagerDuty incident and it prompts you to login to your ScienceLogic portal on your tablet.  Up comes the source event and you can see the issue causing a potential service disruption.  Within a few clicks, you’re off troubleshooting and addressing the problem while the others at the party wonder where you are.  After a few minutes resolving the issue, a new event appears in your ScienceLogic Smart IT software indicating service is back to normal.  You double check with PagerDuty and you see that the original incident has already been resolved.  It’s back to the party and back to having a fun Friday evening.


The above real-world scenario is now possible with a powerful integration between ScienceLogic and PagerDuty. PagerDuty is a SaaS based alarm aggregation and dispatching service for system administrators and support teams that works anywhere at any time. Combined with ScienceLogic’s robust IT operations monitoring platform for data center and cloud environments, you have a match designed for the most modern IT shops. The advanced integration leverages the robust always-on PagerDuty API with the Run Book Automation capabilities of the ScienceLogic solution. ScienceLogic network management events are synced bi-directionally with PagerDuty incidents with the ability to pass the user name who acknowledged the incident back to ScienceLogic. By offering this seamless integration, teams can trust that high priority events are being tracked and handled appropriately.

The integration does not stop there.  By leveraging our Dynamic App collection of API data, ScienceLogic also provides a PagerDuty service dashboard that can track the number of triggered, acknowledged and resolved incidents as a performance metric over time.  You can also trend the transaction time of PagerDuty requests and the percentage of acknowledged incidents.  For highly distributed IT service desk teams, this dashboard can be used to monitor the effectiveness of your team’s response to major faults and alarms.  With our new partnership and integration with PagerDuty, our customers benefit from knowing their mission critical IT service incidents are being managed by the right person at the right time.

ScienceLogic dashboard

Read PagerDuty’s blog post about our partnership and integration.

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