How IT management contributes to CIO success

December 12th, 2012 by

In a recent article by Archie Hendryx entitled “Why CIO success comes down to just three things,” Archie postulates as the title suggests that CIO success comes down to just three things, which are:

  1. Eliminate risk
  2. Improve cycle times
  3. Reduce cost

He reminds us that technology needs to solve specific business problems and do so in a simple, standard and consolidated manner.  His solution, converged infrastructure; and at ScienceLogic we totally agree.  He goes on to paint a pretty clear picture of how integrated infrastructure can help you eliminate risk, improve cycle time, and reduce cost.

How to eliminate risk?  It should entail a robust disaster-recovery and business-continuity system.  It should address the migration of the platform from physical to virtual.  It should be designed to eliminate unplanned downtime.

How to improve cycle time? It should be plug-and-play.  It should reduce typical delivery times.  It should allow owners to roll out new services at a fraction of the time and cost.

How to reduce cost?  It should provide incremental value.  It should eliminate the need to manage multiple components. It should streamline the workforce allowing them to do more with less.

As I read his article, it seemed hauntingly familiar.  Why?  Well at ScienceLogic we set out almost a decade ago to Simplify IT by creating an integrated appliance-based IT management system that provides many of the same benefits he attributes to an integrated infrastructure.

ScienceLogic was founded by and employs many “recovering” operations guys, just like you.  When we designed the ScienceLogic platform, we made sure we included everything you would need to operate the system.  We included features to simplify disaster-recovery and business-continuity.  We have worked hard to make it simple to implement and easy to use.  And more important, we are responsible for the platform and the integration.  The entire system and all the required components are pre-integrated and pre-tested.  We know it works and it all works together.

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