Interop 2013 – Interoperability – a blessing or a curse?

May 17th, 2013 by

Best of InteropAs I recap ScienceLogic’s efforts and ingenuities delivered for Interop 2013, the list of items that I could talk about is quite large so this topic will likely find its way into multiple posts over the next few weeks.  First of all, I have to congratulate the entire ScienceLogic team.  As the great College Basketball coach John Wooden said many times courtside of a competitive game, “We play to Win, but if you want to be ‘the star’ then you will have to go and play for another team.”  At UCLA the star was Coach Wooden’s team.  That was his system.  The team was the star.   I intensely feel that way about winning the 2013 Best of Interop award for Mangement & Monitoring.  It takes so many facets of our business to get it right with the product, with our customers, with our marketing / positioning, and with the vision of the company.   It is rarely about one person doing something spectacular without the accretive assistance of a broader team.  We are honored to have been selected as this year’s winner and I could not be more proud of the entire ScienceLogic Team.  I am very grateful for the staff’s hard work and dedication.  The current technology environment demands that ScienceLogic continues to redefine itself by investing at 5 times the industry average in R&D and applying our engineering strengths in innovative high impact ways.   That is how you make a difference and, in time, that is how, from my perspective, you win these kinds of awards.   A principled vision, intense focus, and the persistence to keep working on complex problems until you create novel solutions.

So that brings us back to the title.  Interop is all about interoperability, and our mission from the first day we started the company was to provide a platform where we could examine a heterogeneous set of technologies that you find humming along often in multiple interconnected data centers so the context of their current health could be leveraged to understand the context of real time IT operations service delivery.   For 5 years we have arrived at Interop and delivered our network management product + our engineering resources to rapidly manage InteropNet, often described as “the largest temporary network in the world.”   Each year we are faced with hundreds of operational challenges, including interfacing with brand new equipment from new vendors (sometimes early release code) that has to work together with the fluidity that is expected to carry the demanding service levels that these events require.  One new integration we did on the fly this year was with F5, another InteropNet sponsor (see one of our F5 dashboards below).  What happens in the NOC stays in the NOC, but we can self-assuredly say that what we learned this year has made our product more resilient, smarter about the latest revisions of technologies in the backbone of the network, and more confident in our approach to proactively finding problems before they impact availability.


F5 dashboard

DCM view of F5 LTM Logical Structure

Over 1000 show attendees visited our booth, it was the most jammed / packed that we have ever experienced in our previous 7 years at Interop.  The company brand is truly reaching a global audience with 20+% of the badge scans from international IT directors/organisations.

Interop 2013 was a great show for us.  Given the success of the show for the entire team, we eagerly anticipate what is in store for 2013 Interop NY this Fall.

Interop Las Vegas

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