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There was quite a bit of news in the cloud computing world this week, particularly around investments.  The announcement came last week that Cisco purchased a one percent stake in Parallels and has garnered a lot of attention.  This is a great move by Cisco towards becoming vendor agnostic.  Another big announcement this week was VMware’s $30M investment in Puppet Labs.  Our VP of Business Development, Erik Rudin, just wrote a blog post around this investment and orchestrating inside and outside the future cloud stack. Erik says a bigger/stronger relationship with VMware will enable Puppet Labs to build up existing products and speed up market adoption.  With all the M&As and investments happening, clearly big technology companies are doubling down on the cloud.

Interesting news also came from Amazon this week; AWS is adding High Memory Cluster instances to address the growing demand for more cloud computing power, memory, and bandwidth.  These new instances don’t come cheap at $25K/ year, or $75K with a three year contract; for enterprises however, the cloud really hasn’t been about cost, it’s been more about agility and relying on third party expert resources.  Thank goodness our latest AWS Powerpack is due out imminently so our customers can take advantage of this AWS offering.

Our customer Logicworks had a great blog post this week- an interview with Dylan Richard, Director of Engineering for Obama for America.  Dylan and the Gathering Clouds blog discussed the technologies used for the campaign, their relationship with AWS, and how the 2012 campaign built on successes from 2008.  Jake Gardner at Logicworks also had an article about the “7 Sins of Cloud Computing” published on

And finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the news we released on Tuesday, that Skyscape Cloud Services has become a ScienceLogic customer!  Skyscape is a supplier to the UK government through the G-Cloud Framework initiative, helping deliver a highly-scalable, secure community cloud for the provision of public services.  Skyscape knows exactly what it takes to create a truly secure government cloud.  The team at Skyscape is using the ScienceLogic platform to simplify the complexities of providing mission-critical cloud services to multiple government organizations including GOV.UK and the Ministry of Defence.  We look forward to a long term and fascinating relationship with Skyscape going forward.  Stay tuned for more news on how Skyscape enhances the government cloud.

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