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Two notable outages occurred this week in the cloud world: one was caused by a database error at and the other was a data center outage that affected Visa Canada.  Salesforce says they are “aggressively investigating” the cause of this error that resulted in temporary performance problems for the SaaS company.  Visa Canada was affected by a data center power outage which caused payment processing problems preventing Visa card holders in Canada from using their cards on Monday.  This past December, Antonio Piraino, our CTO, predicted a large-scale cloud outage will set off a chain reaction of penalties.  Cloud outages happen, and these are fairly minor, so it remains to be seen what the big outages will be this year, but 2013 is certainly off to an interesting start.

Tech Bisnow reported at least 800,000 Department of Defense employees logged 562 million minutes on web conferences in 2012.  Web conferences were conducted through Defense Connect Online, a mobile app, which had only been available on Android.  Now the app is also on iOS so video conference minutes are expected to increase even more dramatically this year.  We launched our own Power-Pack for Video Conferencing Management a year ago for proactive monitoring of all the assets and resources that comprise video conference service delivery.  With video conferencing becoming more pervasive, much in part because of travel savings, it’s critical to make sure your video infrastructure and endpoints are monitored to preserve quality of service.  Video is now how we get business done.

Finally, following their investment in Puppet Labs last week, VMware announced they are cutting 900 jobs to “realign” as growth slows.  This will be an interesting year for VMworld.  VMware is clearly a visionary in the space, but what’s going on over there?  They switched CEOs, the CTO Steve Herrod left, now they’re laying off people as a pre-emptive move to reorganize, and they expect to then hire a net 1,000 people in 2013.

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