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Antonio-i2CoalitionThis week started off with a bang when an expired SSL certificate caused a major Microsoft Azure Cloud outage.  Data Center Knowledge gives a recap of exactly what happened, but suffice it to say the outage, which lasted 12 hours for most users, will cost Microsoft a fair amount of lost revenue with the credits they owe affected customers.  The outage occurred globally starting Friday at 12:44pm Pacific.  Services were restored to 99% of worldwide customers by 1:00am PT and full availability was finally restored around 8:00pm PT Saturday.  The outage affected up to 52 different Microsoft services, including Xbox Live.  So for those who missed out on their Friday night video game fun, now you know why.

More news came from Microsoft this week- they have joined the Open Data Center Alliance (ScienceLogic is also a member).  The ODCA was formed in 2010 and has more than 300 members, most of which are users of data center and cloud services along with vendors such as Microsoft and ScienceLogic.  Their mission is “to speed the migration to cloud computing by enabling the solution and service ecosystem to address IT requirements with the highest level of interoperability and standards.”  Our own VP of Business Development, Erik Rudin, wrote a blog post for the ODCA this week about enabling cloud provider excellence by optimizing service orchestration.  Look for more on the ODCA and ScienceLogic in the near future!

On Wednesday this week, our CTO, Antonio Piraino, participated in Internet Advocacy Day with the i2Coalition (pictured above).  The i2Coalition is a non-profit organization created by US hosting providers to represent the Internet infrastructure industry in Washington.  Antonio was invited to speak on the taxonomy of the internet at the event held on Capitol Hill.  How many ScienceLogicians does it take to explain to Congress what the Internet is?  In this case two: Antonio to be our talking head and Kate, our amazing graphic designer, to create the diagram below that explains the Internet.

Taxonomy of the Internet

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