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If you haven’t seen the latest in depth ScienceLogic product review you’re really missing out!  The number one thing we’re most excited about this week is Brian Chee’s article that details some of the key features of our product- multi-tenancy, scalability, and customizability, just to name a few.  The number two thing we’re most excited about is being called “the best network monitoring system on earth”!

The best article title has to go to Robert Cringely at InfoWorld for his article “Michael Dell names Michael Dell new head of company started by Michael Dell”.  If you haven’t heard or didn’t guess, Michael Dell is working with Silver Lake and Microsoft in a $24.4 billion buyout.  ScienceLogic has been a Dell certified OpenManage partner for years.   And we just went through certification for their Out of Band Management, so we’re also waiting to see how going private will change Dell’s focus.  It sounds like they’ll be concentrating on servers and storage, so hopefully they’ll double down on partnerships like ours.

CJ Arlotta at MSPmentor wrote an article this week recapping CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2013.  CompTIA, a non-profit IT industry association, forecasts a three percent growth rate for global IT this year.  As expected, CompTIA reports that mobility will continue its pervasiveness and “big data” will become even more popular giving MSPs increased revenue opportunities.  Along these same lines, there are a number of similar reports showing industry growth and job growth.  Any by the way, ScienceLogic is hiring too.

Our Cloud Strategist extraordinaire, Jeremy Sherwood, released his second Ultimate Cloud Championship (UCC) Tale of the Tape this week.  This time around it was Rackspace versus Terremark, two “middleweight” managed hosters.  The similarities and differences are fascinating so make sure you check it out.

InformationWeek reported a new poll was released that shows the UK is much more cloud savvy than the US, but when it comes to actually getting cloud projects done, the US is leading the charge.  It’s interesting how they came to this conclusion; maybe those Microsoft “To The Cloud!” ads didn’t air in the UK?  The survey asked participants if they had an understanding of the term “cloud” and looked at whether respondents were able to recognize Dropbox, iTunes, Gmail or Hotmail as cloud services.  So are the Brits smarter and the Americans more productive?  You weigh in.

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