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sun-cloud They say April showers bring May flowers, but here in the D.C. metro area we’re ready for sunshine! Among all these gray clouds, an even darker storm looms as some folks in D.C. are gearing up for a government shutdown. We hope that the impact will not be long-lasting for a variety of reasons, but especially because based on the government cloud agenda, things are definitely moving forward and we’re excited about it. A good indicator this week is that the new government cloud commission by TechAmerica secured chairman and CEO Marc Benoiff as one of its chairs. The commission comes as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) hosted its second annual workshop on the cloud this week to discuss the progress of the federal roadmap for implementing the technology.

This article from Stuart Lynn on enterprise cloud computing provided some great insight into how businesses really feel about the cloud. He spend some time with CIOs from large European companies discussing the business case for the cloud. Among the unofficial discussion, Lynn pulled out a few highlights.

1. The smart business is much more interested in using the cloud to drive business benefits and increase revenue as opposed to saving costs.

2. System integration and interoperability has replaced security fears as the biggest concern around cloud adoption… getting disparate systems to work together remains as one of the most difficult businesses issues and it is felt the cloud could complicate this further.

3. Whilst there was a bias towards private cloud, businesses were open to adopting all types of public, private and hybrid cloud on the basis that a “one size fits all” model is unlikely to suit all enterprise business models.

Carl Brooks reports that our friends at Bitcurrent have released some new cloud computing benchmarks that are worth a look. Using Cedexis data, Alistair and team take a comprehensive look at cloud provider availability and performance data. My favorite takeaway from Carl is “Google kind of stinks a little in France”. stinky-cheese

“Google App Engine (GAE) availability came in surprisingly low: roughly 93% for simple HTTP availability. The report says that Google was contacted and graciously examined the results with Bitcurrent and Cedexis. The determination was that Google App Engine servers are in the U.S., and since Cedexis busts past online caching to make direct requests from cloud providers, performance suffered. This is a blow to one of the favorite sacred cows of cloud, ubiquity (or the appearance of it). While Google has an impressive collection of servers and pipe all over the world, it’s not working with magic. Physics matter.”

If you’re interested in the real-world performance of cloud providers, make sure to check out this report.

IEEE has launched a new cloud initiative focused on interoperability. The first two projects the new effort will address and portability and interoperability of cloud platforms and what IEEE calls Intercloud Interoperability and Federation.

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