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June 9th, 2008 by

A different twist on the weekly links of interest, here are some blogs that I have been reading and commenting on lately that I have found especially noteworthy.

We’ve talked about green IT, and Cisco’s VP of green engineering Paul Marcoux had a nice Q&A which fits in nicely and is well worth the read. He said that currently Cisco is even with the curve, but a bit behind our European Counterparts who “embraced climate change as long as 15 years ago and baked it into the culture”. He stated that it will become part of Cisco’s DNA as well.

This week ScienceLogic had a nice mention in Mark Gallagher’s blog post, where we provided some of our insight and thoughts on virtualization management and multiplatform virtual environments. Check it out when you have a chance!

Amongst the blogs that I have been reading for some time is Brad Feld’s blog. Brad has a fantastic blend of information on his blog which always makes it a fascinating read. Last week Brad posted a note which linked to a Vanity Fair “Inventing the Internet” article which I really enjoyed. This was a fantastic blast from the past, but a great story from the actual inventors of the day. Soon after they created packet switching, the world was transformed because Telenet, Tymnet, CompuServe, and BBN rapidly created their own X.25 PDN’s (networks that are still running today) that forever changed the way the world communicated.

Another such blog I really enjoy is Mark Cuban’s blog. I met Mark many years ago when CompuServe (where I spent the first 10 years of my professional career) purchased his Dallas, TX based systems integrator business called MicroSolutions. Mark recently wrote an article entitled “Why Tiered Bandwidth is a Wonderful Thing and ASIVS”

Having been involved with the telecommunications industry for most of my career, and serving many service providers with our current EM7 products, I do believe that the future of the Internet as consumers know it on the “all you can eat” pricing models will likely be under pressure in the future. I will shed more of my thoughts on that topic in a subsequent post because there is way too much to cover in this post.

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