Partner Day at VMworld Europe 2012

October 15th, 2012 by

The European edition of VMworld kicked off last week in beautiful Barcelona with the traditional Partner Day on Monday. For me, this is a time about to really concentrate on new innovations around how we tie together with VMware to deliver more value and differentiation in the market. One of the most intriguing parts of the day came from Deep Bhattacharjee’s session “Cloud Infrastructure Platform Services”. The session title may have been a little bland, but fortunately the content was anything but.

It soon became clear that this was all about the opportunities for partners such as ScienceLogic to deliver value in the “pluggable” world of VMware’s Software Defined Datacenter. VMware is serious about allowing other vendors to tie into this new world, and the key to this being a reality are rich, well defined, well implemented APIs that are consistent across the broad swathe of products that VMware now delivers. This is really hard to achieve for a company developing and acquiring at VMware’s pace, but evidence this week is that they are doing an admirable job. VMware is following the REST path, just as we did when designing our new API architecture a couple of years ago. In some cases this means that older SOAP APIs are being deprecated, while products from newly acquired companies have their integration roadmap redefined around the broader vision for the product set. This is a refreshing change from many large software companies where integration of acquisitions are only skin deep and APIs between supposedly sister products are like chalk and cheese.

Coming back to Deep’s presentation, a very nice new feature we are looking forward to in VMware’s future APIs is support for tags. This was a neat little addition to the recently released vCenter 5.1, offering administrators the ability to “tag” infrastructure elements and then use those tags for application of policy, reporting etc. Tagging is such a simple concept, but its simplicity does not diminish its usefulness, as we recognized in introducing tags to interface inventory in our 7.2 release earlier this year. Look out for broader use of tags in future ScienceLogic releases as well as we extend this handy tool across our inventory. With tags planned to appear in the APIs from both companies, the possibilities are intriguing as we tie deeper into the VMware solution stack. Just what I was looking for at VMworld!

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