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June 13th, 2013 by

In the midst of all this derecho chatter, just take a look at the sunshine in the pictures below. You really can’t get a better weather forecast for a company picnic than what we were blessed with last week. While we may love clouds here at the ScienceLogic office, a cloud-free sky brought no complaints! Are you green with envy yet?

If not, then welcome to the full-blown ScienceLogic water balloon fight, courtesy of the instigator Jeremy Sherwood. In minutes, he transformed from our successful SciLo Cloud Strategist into a merciless water balloon launcher (picture Buddy’s snowball fighting technique in Elf). Out of the blue, among the throngs of people chatting around the patio, Jeremy’s lofty tosses were going in all directions. Nobody was safe: not the innocent corn hole players, or the group comfortably lounging in the shade, or even Josh Taylor, our Support Engineer, with his professional camera. It didn’t take long for retaliation, and war ensued; more employees returned to the office with wet clothes than dry. The highlight? Cody Mruk (inside sales)’s bold toss directly into the center of a ‘safe zone,’ where those hoping to stay dry had clumped around the food tables. I guess the clichés regarding what it takes to be a sales guy are true; “you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.”

Here at ScienceLogic though, we expect everything to be multitasking (this could be a result of our software’s incredible ability to do everything at once). Therefore, our picnic was not just a picnic, it was also a water balloon fight. And our water balloon fight was not just a water balloon fight, it was also a fundraiser. Dave Link, although he mysteriously ducked out of his duty as the sole target of the balloon throwing, still showed his support for the tornado victims in Moore, Oklahoma with a  pledge to match all money raised by ScienceLogic. The proceeds, which added up to a grand total of $1,826, will be donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief for the Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund.

Everyone knows that we will confidently put ScienceLogic network management software up against any rival product on the market, but I am here to inform you that ScienceLogic has a hidden talent: we could confidently field a water balloon fighting dream team.

water splash

A failed attempt to catch a water balloon leaves Martin Cooley the soaked victim of a wall of water.

cornhole contest

SciLo team members play a round of cornhole

water balloon fight

Winding up, Dani Church launches a water balloon back at Jeremy Sherwood

Photos by Josh Taylor

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