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Cisco LiveWith Cisco Live approaching next week in the scorching city of Orlando, Cisco UCS is itself a hot topic. Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) debuted in networks in 2009 and has since been a very popular computing platform in large enterprises and service providers. ScienceLogic’s integration with UCS will make us a particularly hot commodity in Orlando this year.

ScienceLogic Director of Product Management and Cloud Strategist, Jeremy Sherwood, compared UCS to a lightbulb. Much like a bulb, Cisco’s approach to UCS is to make it a utility: You wouldn’t think about investing in a house without mechanisms to utilize electricity. How can you possibly think about building a network without UCS as a compute solution?

Cisco UCS is the compute part of Flexpod, the reference architecture for a complete turnkey cloud offering.  Both Public, Hybrid, or Private: UCS being the compute element, VMware the virtualization, and finally, NetApp as the storage.

For someone who is not quite as technical as the ScienceLogic engineers that tinker with networks and data center infrastructure every day: UCS can host and manage thousands of servers with ease. It is all because of the server profile – a set of instructions are wired within the device so that every time you have to put a new blade into a slot, there is no human programming necessary. You don’t have to install the profile for each new blade manually.

“It behaves like virtualization (rapid clone, deployment, realignment).  UCS provides rapid deployment not only for the compute but for the network solution. It really starts to take compute part of infrastructure to a utility light bulb methodology,” Sherwood explained.

The service profiles are set up via software (UCS manager). UCS manager makes the Cisco platform unique to other compute management systems.

As a Cisco partner, ScienceLogic started working with UCS soon after its reveal in 2009. ScienceLogic’s integration with UCS has made Flexpod architecture even more efficient and productive.

Typically, each element of the reference architecture has its own management tool. So, in Flexpod, infrastructure managers have to work with three different management tools – one for NetApp, one for Cisco (UCS) and one for VMWare.

Every vendor has a system that “manages their part of the stack independently,” Sherwood said.

ScienceLogic Cisco network monitoring software changes all this, making the engineer’s life far easier; it “monitors a turnkey data center solution,” said David Hinnant, Senior VP, Engineering. Once again, to simplify: ScienceLogic software makes three different tools talk to each other instead of individually spatting out information.

It also reveals the psychology of the different elements, showing the “relationship grouping mechanism of all these layers and how they correlate.”

ScienceLogic’s appearance at Cisco Live will certainly be exciting. If UCS is considered a utility in the networking and computing world, ScienceLogic certainly should be as well for Cisco network management software.

When something goes wrong in your home, it is great to know whether to put in a ticket to the electric, gas, or water company. When an enterprise’s network and data center infrastructure cuts out, who wouldn’t want to know in one foul swoop whether it is the compute, hypervisor, or the storage causing problems?

Not only to Cisco Live in Orlando, but for all Flexpod users: Here ScienceLogic comes.

Stop by booth #630 at Cisco Live, say hi, and get some free swag!

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