Service Providers: Enterprises Want to be Dazzled

December 31st, 2012 by

At HostingCon, Chairman Dave Link and CTO Antonio Piraino sat down with WHIR TV for a series of videos discussing Service Providers.  In the final video they discussed how enterprises want to be dazzled when it comes to cloud services management.

Antonio says enterprises are far more educated than they ever were in the past.  To win them over, you have to have something that really dazzles them.  He goes on to say, “at the end of the day it’s about creating more than the perception, the ability to visualize everything that they’re getting from you as a service. That dazzle has really been missing a lot of times from the service provider industry.”

ScienceLogic is able to help visualize the power of a lot of the services to make portals more functional and exciting.  “I think moving beyond just the dashboards themselves is the ability of our platform, as essentially an analytics platform, to create extremely rich data that can be used in intelligent ways. I think that intelligence is what’s coming through in the dashboards customers are able to see,” says Antonio.

Service Providers can utilize the ScienceLogic API to make more intelligent decisions around their provisioning, orchestration, billing and so on to really make the entire platform far more holistic than we’ve ever seen in the industry before.  ScienceLogic really is the glue that pulls together all of the underlying infrastructure which is getting more and more complex to manage as we go forward.

Dave agrees, saying this is really the key.  “When you think about creating bling and really cool dashboards, you have to have the data.  If you don’t have the data to do the analytics against, then you’re not going to have anything that’s compelling to the end user.  ScienceLogic collects data from a variety of applications since it’s a very open platform.  We bring all your data into one data store, one common data format that we can then bring rich analytics against in really cool dashboards.”

Watch the full two minute video, Enterprises Want to be Dazzled When it Comes to Cloud Services Management, on our website.

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