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SleeperEM7 7.3, the latest version of our IT operations management software, is a “sleeper.” For the non-gear heads, a sleeper is an ordinary looking car with lots of hidden performance goodies well-engineered to go work together and go stupid-fast. And, as any gear-head knows, when building a high-performance vehicle you start with the underpinnings. A solid foundation of engineering with all components designed to work together results in an overall balanced and well-rounded performance.

And so it is with 7.3: performance, scalability, and stability were the goals. Upgrading to the latest hardware required that we update the Operating System. Rather than the latest bleeding-edge version, we chose to go with the release that provided a safe and easy upgrade path for existing customers while providing some longevity in support. The database engine is the key to throughput, so we paid careful attention to upgrading and tuning it: customers who used a pre-release version of EM7 with the new database have seen a marked increase in performance and capacity. Since the two most important foundation components are getting refreshed it only makes sense to upgrade other supporting software, as well. Web services, programming languages & libraries, and other supporting softwares all have shiny new versions in EM7 7.3.

This is the fundamental benefit of an appliance-based model: the vendor has done all the engineering and testing behind the scenes so you don’t have to. Performance is engineered in. Subsystems are built to interoperate. Customers get a secure platform that just works…either as a physical or virtual appliance.

In EM7 7.3 the sizzle is underneath. The foundation upgrades will enable us to do more, better, faster than before to power the next wave of innovations and improvements.

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