Social Experiences at VMworld 2013

August 29th, 2013 by

I figured at least one of my blog posts about this year’s VMworld should be focused on the some of the new social experiences that were introduced.  Of course you have the mobile app:

VMworld app
The app allowed you to be social with every event, session, lab, and thing you chose to do at VMworld 2013. The one new social engagement that caught my eye this year has a unique, yet very familiar, approach to it- Cloud Cred. VMware publicized Cloud Cred which was launched back in March of this year. I thought it was best described by Kevin McLaughlin from Cloud Cred…”invites IT pros to show off their cloud computing skills in return for prizes and promotional perks…”

Cloud Cred is positioned as a destination and a journey by VMware.  The idea really stems from gamification and represents VMware’s embrace of the gamification trend. VMware’s goal with gamification is to leverage people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, and closure all while promoting the VMware brand and thought leadership.  I’m not going to lie, the prizes help with motivation as well.  The other interesting piece with Cloud Cred is most tasks require you to submit pictures which in turn give VMware a vast database of imagery to use in social and other means of extending brand loyalty and awareness.   The part that I find interesting about Cloud Cred is around the idea of “… It’s where your working knowledge of cloud computing is acknowledged, advanced and rewarded. And though Cloud Cred may be fun, it’s hardly a game. Each Cloud Cred task or challenge you complete helps to establish your cloud expertise, build your professional sphere of influence and provides you with access to the latest industry content.”  The notation that Cloud Cred can become a source of validation of one’s knowledge about cloud computing is a stretch in my opinion.  Unlike LinkedIn, certifications etc. I don’t find enough teeth behind Cloud Cred to really to get many people to take it seriously as a measure of one’s skills.

That being said I did find it entertaining and enjoyable to play.  They even provide you a personal widget to drive new users and join the movement:

So even with the short time I had at VMworld this week, I did find myself getting into completing tasks.  Without a mobile app for Cloud Cred, and VMware not reminding me to do anything more with it after this week, I wonder what long term legs it will have.


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