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November 27th, 2012 by

With UCS Central being one of Cisco’s newest releases around UCS, as a kind of “global manager for UCS managers,” we wanted to make sure we were actively involved in this release.  Cisco UCS Central is just one more piece to add to your UCS reference architecture of choice. To read a great blog about some of the benefits of UCS Central from Cisco themselves I would recommend this read:  Introducing UCS Central: Unified Computing at Global Scale

Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS Central really enables that centralized view across your stacks for a centralized management view for UCS orchestration.   In this first phase of UCS Central you get that bird’s eye view of UCS across domains, groups and service profiles that might extend beyond one set of chassis.

At ScienceLogic, we were able to work with Cisco closely as an early adopter for Cisco UCS Central implementation.  One of the key features of ScienceLogic’s platform is leveraging a technology we call Dynamic Component Mapping (DCM).  This technology allows you to track and trend dynamic behavior of technology across platform as that platform is actively changing.  This technology is a perfect fit for UCS Central.  ScienceLogic has had one of the leading UCS coverage’s for some time now, and with the addition of coverage for UCS Central you get a great near real-time view of all your UCS implementations and the global policies that they have and maintain with UCS Central.  In essence, ScienceLogic with UCS Central and UCS directly, you have a complete view of your environment across both physical geographic locations, as well as virtual ones.

With direct monitoring of UCS manager individually as well as monitoring them through UCS Central you have built in false positive protection. With having multiple layers of redundancy built into UCS, you will know how it’s performing, both on a global perspective as well as an isolated perspective. Because of ScienceLogic’s granular levels of multi-tenancy, and the use of DCM enablement, we can show the full topology view on one pane of glass.

Cisco Diagram

Having visibility into a global manager that sees into each UCS manager while still monitoring UCS Managers themselves provides built-in resiliency that you need.

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